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Mata Shri Chintpurni Mata Chintpurni Devi is one of the many manifestations of the Supreme Goddess Durga. In this form She is also called Maa Chinnamasta or Maa Chinnamastika - the one with detached head. We humans have endless desires; desires steer us towards anxiety and worry.

The Divine Mother relieves Her devotees from worries (chinta) by fulfilling all their desires. That's why, appropriately called MATA CHINTPURNI. Just like any mother, our Divine Mother Maa Chintpurni Ji cannot see Her children suffering. She banishes all our sufferings and endows us with joy. All those who come to Mata Chintpurni with wishes, do not go empty handed. Mata Chintpurni showers Her blessings on each and every one.The Chintpurni temple is the abode of Mata Chintpurni Ji. To read more about Mata Chintpurni, follow the links in the above menu. Jai Mata Chintpurni Ji!

Mata Shri Chintpurni

Who is Mata Chintpurni Devi Ji?

Mata Shri ChintpurniAfter defeating many ferociuos deamons, Maa Parvati, with Her aides Jaya and Vijaya (also known as Dakini and Varini) went to take a bath in the Mandakini River. Maa Parvati was feeling very happy and a lot of love was welling up inside Her.

Her complexion darkened and the feeling of love completely took over. Her friends on the other hand were hungry and asked Parvati to give them some food. Parvati requested them to wait and said that She would feed them after a while, and began walking.

After a short while, Jaya and Vijaya once again appealed to Maa Parvati, telling Her that She was the Mother of the Universe and they Her children, and asked to be fed quickly. Parvati replied that they should wait until they got home. Both aides could not wait any longer and demanded that their hunger be satisfied immediately.

The compassionate Parvati laughed and with Her finger nail cut Her own head. Immediately, blood spurted in three directions. Jaya and Vijaya drank the blood from two directions and the Goddess herself drank the blood from the third. Since Maa Parvati cut Her own head, She is known as Maa Chinnamastika.

She does that to fulfil the desires of Her children, Her devotees, hence also known as Mata Chintpurni.